familytrunk_420x315Personal insurance provides protection for your home and personal property. There are several coverage types, limits and add-ons for various situations. The professionals at Dark Insurance Agency can help you determine the coverage that suits your lifestyle.

Auto Insurance

These days, even a minor repair to your vehicle makes car insurance nice to have. When you start adding in doctor’s expenses that can go with a car accident, insurance becomes an absolute necessity. In many states, insurance is required before you can even legally drive your car out on the road. But there’s a wide variety of options when it comes to insurance and it can be difficult to decide just what type of auto insurance is the best choice for you and your budget. Contact us to help you out.

Home Insurance

Your home is not only the place where you live, it’s also the most important investment you’ll probably ever make. With proper maintenance, most homes will increase in value over time. Whether you wind up selling your home or leave it to your children, it’ll be worth more when you’re done with it than when you started out. A homeowner’s insurance policy is the single best way to protect your investment.

Boat Insurance

We know how important your boat is to you. You invest a lot of time and money into your boat and get back a lot of enjoyment over the years. The last thing you want is to worry about whether you’re covered in case of an accident. So go get away from it all, catch a fish worth telling stories about, enjoy the beauty of a sunrise over water. We’ll make sure to watch over you.

Disability Insurance

Seventy percent of Americans could only pay their bills for one month if they suddenly lost their ability to make a living. One in four Americans couldn’t even make it a week. Have you made plans for what would happen if an illness or injury made you temporarily unable to work? You make sure your home and car are insured, why not also protect your ability to provide for yourself and your family?

Pet Insurance

Give your entire family the protection they deserve.

What is Pet Insurance?
Pet insurance reimburses you for your dog or cat’s unexpected medical bills.

How it works.
Your pet is treated at any veterinarian for sickness or injury. You submit the bill to Figo for reimbursement by simply snapping a photo of your vet bill. Then, you upload the photo via Figo’s Pet Cloud mobile app to be reimbursed for the costs in an average of 7 days. It’s that easy.

Why Figo?
For an average cost of a $1.25 per day, Figo lets you visit any licensed veterinarian, specialist and ER in the US, Canada or Puerto Rico. Enrollment is easy and Figo’s customer care team is accessible by phone, email, text, chat and Twitter. With your Figo policy, you also receive the first-ever Pet Cloud with mobile app to manage your pet’s life. Some features of the Pet Cloud include:
• Access to your pet’s records for travel and emergency
• Text and email reminders for pet health appointments
• Lost pet technology using GPS and family text alerts
• Pet-friendly business locator

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